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My Family

  • I was born in a village called Sandhipur which is the junction of three districts of West Bengal, namely: Hooghly, Bankura and West Midnapore. Besides its historical importance, it is located near to Kamarpukur, the birthplace of Sri Ramkrishna. I grew up in a joint Hindu-Brahmin-Bengali family with lots of morale and values and completed my school education from my village. Growing up in a lower middle class family, I had to face many hurdles to pursue my education, but never did I feel that my family would cease to support me and my dreams.

    I owe everything, I am today to my parents- my mother Sudharani Mukherjee who is a housewife and my father, Late Harihar Mukherjee, a School teacher. My parents have always lived with me and it is for this reason that I came back and settled in Kolkata. I am truly indebted to my parents for inculcating all the values necessary in shaping a respectful human being.

    Kakali (Dr. Kakali Mukherjee), my wife, the bedrock of my life, my closest advisor- not just the wind beneath my wings but the wings themselves. She herself is a doctorate in pharmacy. I greatly admire her sacrifice for our family in all respects.

    My daughter Maria is pursuing her school education. She loves to read and has a keen interest in music and art. My son Manish, always lively and cheerful is also pursuing his school education. He is ambitious to become a cricketer and doctor in future and also shares an interest in music, sports and art.

    I am thankful to my wife, Kakali, daughter Maria and son Manish for all the supports and love they give me always - you are the reason behind my every successful steps.

    My family inspired me a lot in all of my works, my brothers- Aloke, Tilok and Amit and sisters who have encouraged me since my formative years. We always enjoy living in a joint family and share our joys and sorrows together and feel our “Family is like music, some low notes, some high notes, But always a beautiful tune”

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